Sunday March 25th - 7:52am

230 notes tags: twin peaks gif special agent dale cooper thumbs up happy babe harry truman BFF

Sunday March 25th - 7:51am

105 notes tags: twin peaks harry truman special agent dale cooper babe autopsy fingernail television

Wednesday June 8th - 4:50am

3 notes tags: Harry Truman Josie Packard Kissing Twin Peaks Babe

Monday May 23rd - 3:15am

18 notes tags: Harry Truman Blur Twin Peaks

Thursday May 12th - 6:18am

1 note tags: Agent Cooper Harry Truman Deputy Hawk Twin Peaks Harolds house This is the diary of Laura Palmer

Tuesday April 26th - 6:10am

13 notes tags: agent cooper harry truman laura palmer autopsy twin peaks pilot

Wednesday April 13th - 6:57am

3 notes tags: harry truman agent cooper twin peaks

Wednesday April 6th - 2:40am

17 notes tags: agent cooper harry truman flesh world twin peaks

Wednesday April 6th - 2:34am

2 notes tags: gif cooper harry truman twin peaks my gif stumbliene

Sunday April 3rd - 5:04am

1 note tags: twin peaks doughnuts blood cooper harry truman wally

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