Tuesday May 1st - 4:50am

338 notes tags: dale cooper agent twin peaks

Monday April 16th - 9:14pm

948 notes tags: FWWM fire walk with me kyle mclachlan twin peaks dale cooper

Sunday March 25th - 7:52am

230 notes tags: twin peaks gif special agent dale cooper thumbs up happy babe harry truman BFF

Sunday March 25th - 7:51am

105 notes tags: twin peaks harry truman special agent dale cooper babe autopsy fingernail television

Sunday March 25th - 7:48am

66 notes tags: twin peaks gif red room dale cooper evil running

Sunday July 3rd - 6:38am

30 notes tags: Donuts Twin peaks sheriff Dale Cooper

Wednesday May 4th - 2:02am

10 notes tags: red room dale cooper laura palmer twin peaks fire walk with me

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